About Jeri Goodwin-Akari

Certified Commercial photographer, specializing in lighting and retouching—portraiture, dances, events, commercial, weddings, engagements, and more.

I have always enjoyed taking photos through my love of travel and people, including photographing my first wedding at the age of 17. A camera has always been with me, an extension of my right arm; I’d feel lost without a camera near me. Now with more experience, I relish capturing people who like the camera and I challenge myself to try harder for those who don’t. While working on my Master’s degree in Humanities I studied different ways to get people to react to my camera. 

Whether playing with light for outdoor sessions or sculpting shapes with dramatic light in my studio, my passion for creative and expressive photography is my signature. When I see people, I look for the love in relationships, their unique personalities, emotions and different expressions to capture cherished moments for posterity.

My photographic style is story telling in nature, so clients have inspired me to make creative wall hangings for them. Each wall hanging collage tells a story of a family, couple, friends and even individuals. My custom-designed photographic books are another great way to collect and share client memories and stories. These Heirloom books make great gifts!